Droitwich Water Tower Walk- Saturday 10th December 2016.

Unfortunately, only three people turned up for this walk, so it has been postponed until January.


Crowle - Saturday 19th November 2016.


This time, we met at the car park at The Chequers at Crowle on a cold and frosty morning, but with a clear blue sky. There were 8 adults, three children, and Hugo the dog all ready to go, but our walk leader had not arrived.

Penny and Will Owens live in Crowle, and after borrowing a map, Penny soon worked out a walk, and off we went. We walked along footpaths, and were at the edge of the hill that Crowle is built on. We looked out over the Severn Valley, with views of the Malvern Hills, Breedon, and the Cotswolds in the distance, also the motorway and the railway.

We went down the steep side of the hill, but soon came to a gentler path going down. Hugo the dog had a great time running up and down, and the children went straight down to the bottom. We then crossed some fields, and the brook, then went alongside the railway for a while. We stopped for as drink and chocolate biscuits (thanks Janet) and could sit on a roadside barrier, although only one car went past in the 10 minutes we were there.

We then went along a lane towards Crowle, but turned off along the brook to the edge of Broughton Hackett. Then it was more footpaths until we came to the edge of Crowle, and along the road. Just past the church, we left the road and crossed some fields, until we re-joined the path back to The Chequers.

After the walk, we had lunch in the restaurant at The Chequers, where we were joined by four others.

Our grateful thanks to Penny Owens for leading a lovely walk, especially as she had to make it up as we went along.






Ombersley - Saturday 17th September 2016.

The day was dry and warm, with some clouds, so it was not too hot. Despite the rain earlier in the week, the ground was mainly dry, with very little mud, which made a nice change!

We met by the cricket ground in Ombersley, ready for an easy 6 mile walk. We set off across the fields to the River Severn, and walked south beside the river. We then crossed the busy A449, and soon arrived in Hawford. Here we found the NT Dovecote, which was open, so we went in. It is just an empty building with no staff or information.

We then followed a footpath which had become very overgrown, and we had to hack a path through! The rest of the walk was through open fields. We passed a farm with several Alpacas, who were very interested in watching us pass. We had to search for a small bridge and opening through a high hedge; this had become overgrown, so once again out came the secateurs to cut a path. We re-crossed the A449, and were back in Ombersley.

After the walk, we had a nice lunch at The Crown and Sandys.

Our thanks go to Sandie Eckersall for leading the walk.









Broadheath - Saturday 20th August 2016.


Our August walk was a joint event with the Droitwich Spa German Twinning Group. Of the 10 walkers, 5 were NWANT members, and 8 were twinning members (three of us are members of both).

There had been heavy rain overnight, and it was still raining at breakfast time, but the forecast was for it to clear up, with the odd shower. For once, the forecast was right. Unfortunately, the early rain deterred some from walking.

We met at the Bell Inn in Lower Broadheath, and the rain had stopped, although it was windy. The clouds parted, and we saw some blue sky. We set off, and were soon walking across fields which were remarkably dry. We went around the southern edge of Hallow, and had a good view of the church. Later, we saw two donkeys in a field. One of them was having a good time rolling over and over in the grass. We had to make one detour, as a field we should have crossed was planted with maize, which had grown to over head height.

We had a very good lunch at the Bell, and were joined by 5 others. Peter Field had arranged for the "Pensioners Perks" menu to be available to us, even though it is not usually available on a Saturday. Most of us opted for two courses, including Roger Collins who ordered a starter and main. However, when he saw some of us eating a large Lemon Blizzard, he couldn't resist having one too!

Many thanks to Peter Field for organising the trip.






Bath Skyline Walk - Saturday 16th July 2016.


We had an earlier than usual start to our day for the July walk, as we were going to Bath by coach to do the Bath Skyline walk.

The Skyline Walk of about 6 miles looks down on the World Heritage City of Bath. The coach left on time, and after a short comfort stop at Michael Wood Services, arrived in Bath. The walkers were dropped off first, then continued into the city centre for the non-walkers.

There were 19 walkers, which is the best we have had for some time. It was a warm, humid day, cloudy at first, but soon the sun was shining. The walk started across some fields, but there was soon a long steep uphill climb, with some impressive views over the city. Two further steep climbs followed, but after that all was fairly level, then downhill. Many of the paths in the earlier part of the walk were well maintained, but later there were some paths with many big stones and large roots, some of which were slippery, which made the going difficult. I was wearing new boots, and slipped over at one point, cutting my elbow, and required some first aid  (thanks, Carol and Penny).

The walkers were picked up after their walk, at the starting point, and taken into the city centre. We split up, going to lunch and shopping. There was a carnival in town, which many people saw. Everyone returned to the coach park in good time for the 17:00 departure.

We all agreed that it had been a good day out, and that another similar trip would be arranged for next year. If anyone has any ideas of where to go, please get in touch with Steve Harper.

Many thanks to Steve for organising the trip.

Above: Getting ready to start the walk.



Above: A drink stop with a wonderful view.


Above: About three quarters of the way. Feeling tired!



Above: A view of Bath from the skyline.


Aston Cantlow Walk - Saturday 18th June 2016.

Following torrential rain and floods on the Friday, we were anxious about the walk on Saturday. The day was cloudy, but warm, and eleven walkers set off from Aston Cantlow. The ground was surprisingly dry, with only the odd muddy patches. The walk was about 5 miles, with only gentle hills.

Only a short way into the walk, disaster struck! Coming off a stile, the sole of my right boot split away from the upper, leaving the sole flapping as I walked. Rosemarie produced a spare shoelace, which I tied around the boot, and was able to complete the walk OK, my foot only getting slightly damp. Anyone want to buy a used left boot, size 7??

After the walk, we had a very nice lunch at The King's Head.
Our thanks to Rosemarie Davies for leading the walk. 





Wasley Hills Walk - Saturday 21st May 2016.

Another walk day, but once again the weather isn't being kind to us as it's raining. Still, off we go to the Wesley Hills, and by the time we get there, the rain has all but stopped.

Ten brave walkers, and Hugo the dog, set off, with no more than the occasional drizzle to bother us. We soon cross the M5, (by bridge not running over the road!!), and walk up into the hills. There are good views over to the Clent Hills, and Longbridge in the distance. Our route has us going up and down hills, although none are too steep. Hugo is soon let off his lead, and probally covered ten times the ground as the rest of us. He had to be on the lead through one field containing Highland cattle, who looked rather fierce, but did not come anywhere near us.

The walk was only 4 miles this time, and we arrived back at our cars by 11:45. Then it was off the The Swallow's Nest for lunch, where we arrived a few minutes before opening time. It was a very nice lunch, where we were joined by one non-walker.

Our thanks to Phil for leading the walk.





Dudmaston Walk - Saturday 16th April 2016.

Walk day! I jumped out of bed, and opened the curtains hoping for a nice day, but it was SNOWING! However, this was forecast, and it soon turned to light rain. So off to Dudmaston.

Unfortunately, the weather had deterred most walkers, and there were only five of us on the walk. The rain had stopped while we were driving up, and it turned into a very nice day. North
of Kidderminster, there was some snow on the ground, and some cars with a thick layer of snow on them.

We parked in the Hampton Loade car park, and did Captain Geoffrey's Woodland Walk, which is 5.5 miles long. We set off alongside the River Severn, and were soon in woods, with
many bluebells. Our path climbed, and soon we saw Dudmaston Hall on the opposite side of the Big Pool. We went through Comer Wood and passed the Old Sawmill. On our
right we saw the Old Hall, although only a chimney stack remains with a later house built around it.

We stopped in the village of Quatt, and went into St Andrew's Church, which was very interesting.

We were joined by two others for lunch at the River and Rail in Hampton Loade, where the Faggots were a popular choice, and delicious!





Sarehole Mill Walk - Saturday 20th February.

On a cloudy, but rather mild day, 13 of us met at the Sarehole Mill in Birmingham for this walk.

Sarehole Mill is a 250 year old watermill only four miles from Birmingham city centre, just off the Stratford Road 10 minutes’ walk from Hall Green Station. JRR Tolkien lived within 300 yards of the mill between the ages of four and eight and said he used it in his books. Unfortunately, it was not open for visitors on the day.

We started by walking alongside the River Cole, then through the Chinn Brook Recreation Ground. Next, we entered Billesley Common, from where we could see Moseley Rugby Club. We stopped here in a children's playground for a drink. Some of us could not resist having a quick go on the swings and see-saw!

From here, we walked across Swanshurst Park, then entered Moseley Bog, which was the inspiration for Tolkien's Middle Earth. There are a series of raised wooden walkways through the bog, enabling visitors to see but not disturb the bog.

At the end of the walk, 11 of us had a good meal in the Covered Wagon pub, a short distance from the Mill.

Our thanks go to Joyce Rutter for leading the walk.






Chaddesley Corbett Walk - Saturday 16th January 2016.

Mud, mud, glorious mud!

The day for our first walk of 2016 dawned cold, with a hard frost. After clearing the ice off the car windows, we made our way to The Talbot in Chaddesley Corbett, where 14 people gathered for the walk.

As we set off, the ground was frozen hard, which made walking easier, although slippery in places. However, as the sun was shining brightly, the ground soon warmed, and the surface changed to mud, which was pitted with many puddles, some several inches deep.

We saw three hot air balloons in the distance, and two of them seemed to land, before taking off again several minutes later.

As we entered one field, we saw a horse in the distance, and thought back to our previous walk at Church Lench, where we had an encounter with an over friendly pony. This time, however, the horse kept well away from us.

Two of the walkers were wearing wellies rather than walking boots, which most agreed was a good idea, especially at one gate where the ground was a huge puddle. In deep mud, however, wellies do tend to get stuck, but neither wellie wearer actually lost one.

After walking just over 5 miles, we reached The Talbot again, and after changing our footwear, had a welcome lunch.

Our thanks go again to Phil for leading an excellent walk.